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The awakening found through their experiences, and education


A remark on the narrative of marriage that haunted the two. The half-brain is a transition and a symbol of marriage with Neer’s own mind and self.


Follows the narrative of fluidity and openness to various gender expressions

A comment on their vagina being just an organ, and doing away with the taboo around seeking pleasure


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Neers painting represents a lifetime and a moment; a time when their mother decided to break free from the constraints that her gender brought to her and her child. In a culture where the jewellery a woman donned at her wedding often determined her status in the marriage, Neers mother separated from an abusive partner and sold this jewellery to provide for herself and her child.

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This material wealth was invested in both Neer and their mothers education. As their mother faced backlash regarding this choice, Neer themself was engaging with their own ideas of gender and sexuality; the narratives that held them from realising their full potential. The painting holds several symbols of this exploration.

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The gold helped Neer and their mother free themselves from the notions that many women find themselves weighed under. Letting go of something so crucial to her gender was ultimately the best investment their mother ever made.

Neer Sihag, 22

Neer Sihag (they/them) live in Haryana and are always looking for new explorations to improve their skills. In their artistic practice they interpret their thoughts into forms that evoke multiple stories and ideas for the viewer. 

Neer is interested in exploring ambiguities in humans through the spectrum of emotions that our specific experiences elicit. They like the little big things in life and often find themselves pondering over the smallness of existence.

uterus fuinal.png
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